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Which ADD/ADHD behavior problems are you dealing with? Select all that apply below and click the button to get your free solutions.

 Poor Attention, Difficulty Concentrating, Distracted, Unfocussed

 Hyperactive, Impulsive, Agitated, Can't Sit Still, or Out-of-Control

 Throws Temper Tantrums, Melt-Downs, Fits, Freak-Outs, Yelling, Screaming

 Defiant, Oppositional, Talks-Back, Disrespectful, Rude, Lying

 Angry, Aggressive, Raging, Violent (Hiting, Fighting, Biting, Kicking, Pinching)

 Withdrawn, Shy, Timid, Anxious, Socially Challenged or Awkward.

 All of the above

 None of the above

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